New Members: Please Read:
Our message boards are one of the key features of this group and a great way to communicate computer problems and solutions; however certain precautions need to be taken to stay inline with the F&S and YUKU's Code of Conduct:

The following things should not be posted:


Posting links of other YUKU Groups or external websites
, except when posting a link to a site providing computer help information.
Promotional links to other YUKU sites or external site's may be added to our Links section.
Flooding - Any member found posting more than three times in a row will have their messages removed
Profanities - This also includes on images
Masking - We are only allowing one letter, the rest of the letters must be starred (*) out
Phone-Cell numbers/Personal Addresses/Credit Card Details
Sexual References
- They may seem harmless to you older members, but to a 13 year old it can be quite offensive
Bandwidth Theft - Make sure your pictures are linked from your personal picture folder or other picture hosting site designed for that purpose..

Because F&S and its members are from all faiths and nationalities. We ask that members keep post topics and discussions related to computers, computer helps, and general computer information. We do allow some off topic post's, but those posts are allowed solely at the discretion of the managers and assistant managers, and will be deleted when we feel it is not in the best interest of the board or offensive to other members.


"Live Help" Chatroom:

To better help our members. Besides our on-board "Helps" chatroom. F&S also provides a "Live", one on one, "Helps" chatroom at SPCN. You do not have to be a member of F&S to use this service, nor a member of SPCN ( which host's our chatroom.. You can enter as a guest. To visit our "Live Helps" chatroom at Sparkpea. Please click the following link:

However, depending on the extent of the fix. We may require you to join both F&S and SPCN to allow for the posting of special logs, or results from certain scans to aid us in the repair of your system.

If it is your first time, you will then be taken to the login page where you can sign up for a "free" membership, or login as a guest. You can also navigate to our chatroom by going to We are listed under the Computing section as Freeware And Shareware.

If you are entering the Live Help's room using Internet Explorer as your browser. You will be required to install the (active x) chatroom plugin. This will automatically be installed upon your approval of the plugin.

If you are using either the FireFox or Netscape web browser. You will need to manually install the plugin for those browsers. You can install the plugin for those browser's by clicking on the following link or copying and pasting it into your address bar and entering.

Live Help Chatroom Guideline's:

The chatroom guidelines are the same as for our message board with one addition:

No "chatroom bots" are allowed under any circumstances. Bringing in a "chatroom bot" can result in your being banned from both our chatroom and SPCN.

The Chatroom opens daily at 7:00pm until 11:00pm (Eastern Time) 7 days a week.

Thank You

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